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5 Essentials for Your Winter Elopement

How to Prepare for a Winter Elopement

There's something special about a winter wedding. The glistening snow, crisp air, fireside snuggles and the desire for a bit of body warmth. If you want to have an intimate and romantic wedding day, a winter elopement has it all!

But preparing for a winter elopement is different than any other season. That's why I've put together a list of the 5 essentials to keep you warm and cozy for your winter elopement.


When you're choosing your wedding wear, make sure you are considering winter temps. You may want to consider long underwear underneath your dress or suit. Make sure that your base layers are made of synthetic fabrics like wool or silk. Avoid cotton, which takes too long to dry and will make you cold and uncomfortable.

Function meets fashion. Ear muffs, a fur shawl or winter cape are great accessories to wear for a winter elopement. Not only are they super stylish, but they are guaranteed to add an extra layer of warmth while you're out in the winter elements.


Fingers and toes are always the first body parts to be affected by the cold. Stay ahead of the game with hand and foot warmers. And a little pro tip for you... grab a few adhesive body warmers while you're at it. You'll be so much more comfortable and willing to shed your winter jacket for a few photos if you're able to stay warm.


When you're preparing food and water for your winter adventure elopement, don't forget that it's going to be COLD out there. You may be outside for a few hours, so make sure you're bringing things that won't freeze. Nalgenes are better than CamelBaks (the tube will freeze). Pro tip: fill your bottle with warm water or bring a thermos of hot tea to have it last longer against the cold.

The same goes for snacks. Have you ever brought granola bars on a winter adventure? I bet you almost broke your teeth when you bit into it. Peanut butter pretzels are my go-to adventure snack. PB+J, crackers or your favorite trail mix (nuts, chocolate and dried fruit) are also excellent choices.


If your feet aren't happy... you won't be happy. Find yourself a warm and waterproof winter boot that works with your outfit. Make sure there's enough room for a nice warm wool sock, too! Consider the height of your boot and the type of activities you may be doing. Add gaiters if you're worried about snow falling into your shoes.

If you're planning on exploring some trails, remember that when snow is compacted it turns to ice very quickly. Some boots have small spikes on the soles for added traction. But you can also grab a pair of YakTrax or microspikes if you are concerned about icy conditions.

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The best way to stay warm during a day outside in the winter is to keep your body moving. That's why it's a great idea to plan for an adventure! Think about what activity you may want to enjoy and be sure you have all the proper gear - sleds, snowshoes, skates, boots/skis/poles, beacon/shovel/probe, hat/goggles/gloves.

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