When to Elope in Vermont

There's good reason why Vermont is one of the most popular elopement destinations! With its serene lakes and rivers in the summer, colorful rolling hills in the fall, white frosted mountains and trees during the winter or lush green and floral blooms during the spring-- you truly can't go wrong with an elopement in the Green Mountain State. Picturesque landscapes and charming settings make Vermont a perfect place to elope. Although each season has its benefits there are several factors to consider when planning an elopement in Vermont.

Today we are sharing more about each unique season in Vermont and important factors to consider when planning your elopement.

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When to Elope in Vermont

Factors To Consider For An Elopement

Before diving into Vermont's four seasons, there are a few things to take into account as you plan out your elopement day. In order to keep things as stress-free, intimate and memorable as possible we suggest the following:

  • Elope in a climate that both of you really enjoy.
  • Consider eloping at off-peak times like weekdays and shoulder seasons when you'll experience less crowds.
  • Make sure it fits in with your work and personal life - don't elope during your own busy season.

What Season Should You Plan To Elope In Vermont?

Vermont is unique in that it experiences four distinct seasons, each offering its own unique charm.

Spring (March to May)

Springtime is a season of new life and awakening in Vermont. The flowers begin to blossom and the hills become lush with forests of ferns. Springtime brings fragrant apple and cherry blossoms, lilacs and tulips, lush greenery, and milder temperatures. However, springtime weather in Vermont can be unpredictable. Be prepared for unusually warm days, rain and even the occasional snow in April.

couples standing in the rain at their farm road estate intimate vermont wedding

Summer (June to August)

Summers in Vermont are truly magical. When every summer arrives, Vermonters remember why we put up with harsh, long winters. Vermont summers are typically warm, pleasant and often humid. The landscape is vibrant, and outdoor activities like hiking, picnicking, and exploring the state's lakes and waterfalls are popular. Summer is one of the busiest tourist seasons in Vermont and will most likely be busy no matter where you are in the state, but you can always find a quiet corner down by the river or high up on a hill. Vermont summers can be very hot, especially with the high humidity!

Fall (September to November)

Vermont is famous for its stunning fall foliage. The vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues make for a picturesque backdrop. Keep in mind that fall is also a popular tourist season. Accommodations book up far in advance, so it is wise to do your research and make your reservations ahead of time to ensure you have a beautiful place to stay while eloping. To avoid the crowds, plan for a sunrise or sunset elopement and you'll be golden, literally!

Rainy day for a fall wedding in Vermont.

Winter (December to February)

If you enjoy snowy landscapes and cozy winter settings, Vermont's winter season might be perfect for your elopement. Covered in glistening snow and icy cliff faces, Vermont is absolutely stunning in the winter months and a great time for both sleigh rides and skiing. If you are planning a skiing elopement or want to ensure a snowy backdrop for your day, snowfall is typically best between February and March. Although Mother Nature is the one in charge!

Vermont winter skiing elopement. Couple skiing in woodstock, vt

Tips on Choosing Your Elopement Season

Personal Preferences

If you're having a hard time deciding when would be a good time to elope in Vermont, think about what season you're most attracted to. Do you love the heat, humidity and vibrancy of summer? Do you crave the warm days, cool nights and colors of fall? Or do you enjoy cuddling up to a fire or adventuring on the mountain during the cold months of winter? Does the lush greenery and fresh blooms of spring make you feel alive? Chat with your partners and decide what feels symbolic of your relationship and favorable for both of you!


Vermont's wedding industry is booming! Accommodations, photographers, wedding planners, florists and all those special people to make your day happen book up far in advance. Before setting your mind on something check to make sure it is available. You may need to decide what your priorities are. Would you prefer to get married in the summer or get married in the location that's only available in the spring? Keep your mind open, but stay true to what feels important to you!

Choosing an Elopement Location

Now that you've chosen your season, it's time to pick your location! Vermont has so many picturesque, charming locations to say your "I do's". Consider what you and your partner are looking for on your big day. Do you want an epic adventure or are you looking for something more quaint and intimate? This will help you pick the perfect location!

Pick A Town You Love

Vermont has so many beautiful, quaint small towns to base your elopement. Each town has it's own personality and charm which makes it fun to explore and choose one that best suites you and your partners relationship. By first choosing a town to base your elopement you will be able to narrow down the location for your elopement. In each small town are beautiful lakes and rivers, mountains, meadows, covered bridges and more that will make your day extra special and unique. Some of the most popular destinations in Vermont include: Woodstock, Stowe, Manchester, Burlington and the Mad River Valley.

Lakes and Rivers

Vermont's lakes and rivers are truly so beautiful and would make a wonderful elopement destination for spring, fall or summer. The sound of a babbling brook or rushing river, a serene, crystal clear lake-- it simply can't be beat! Once you have narrowed down the town you are going to base your elopement in, you can begin to research and explore the different lakes and rivers in the area. Choose something that suits your relationship, whether it is in the forest with a beautiful waterfall in the backdrop or on a sandy beach overlooking a lake and open landscape. You can't go wrong with Vermont's natural lakes and rivers as your setting.

Mountain Peaks

Mountains make an epic elopement location for every season of the year! The adventure of hiking, riding the chairlift or skinning to the top and then experiencing the gorgeous vista views from the peak is a beautiful way to begin a marriage and life together. Once you have chosen your town, explore some hikes and mountains in the area. Ask locals about special spots that are off the beaten path. Take a few hikes or ski as a couple and see what feels right as the place to begin your new life together!


Meadows make a picturesque elopement destination, especially during the summer, fall and spring months. Frolicking amongst tall grasses, wildflowers and golden hour sunlight with your love, makes for a magical way to start your journey together. Explore your destination and pick an open field or meadow that feels special to you and your partner.

So what are you waiting for! Start exploring the beautiful towns, seasons and locations of Vermont to plan your perfect elopement. Your dreamy Vermont elopement awaits!

Do you have a favorite season and location in Vermont that would make a perfect elopement destination? Share in the comments below!

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