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What to Wear for Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are truly magical. The crisp cool air, frosty mornings, glistening snow blanketing the ground... A winter wonderland may be one of the most beautiful wedding settings imaginable. But unlike spring, summer and fall weddings, winter comes with it's own challenges wardrobe-wise. If you are planning to get married in the winter, you will want to consider your vision for the day. Wondering what to wear for your winter wedding? Choosing the right attire for a winter wedding involves considering both style and practicality. Of course you can look absolutely stunning, while also staying cozy, warm and comfortable on your winter wedding day.

If you are planning a winter wedding, today's post is for you! We are sharing what to wear for your winter wedding so you can feel and look your best on your big day despite those chilly temps!

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What to Wear for Your Winter Wedding

What to Wear for Your Winter Wedding: For the Bride

Long Sleeves or Fur Wraps

Long sleeves and fur wraps are beautiful ways to accommodate for cooler temps during a winter wedding. Consider a wedding dress with long sleeves to keep warm. Add a touch of glamour with a fur wrap or a stylish bolero.

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Thicker Fabrics

Consider the weight and material of your attire. For winter, you will want to choose heavier and warmer fabrics. Opt for dresses made from thicker fabrics like satin, velvet, or silk mikado to provide warmth. There is good reason why these fabrics are more popular and trendy during the winter and this will work in your favor!

Closed-Toe Shoes

You will want to choose an elegant or fun closed-toe shoe or boot. It will keep your feet warm and protect against the cold. If any part of your wedding is outdoors, you will also want to make sure your shoes are insulated and waterproof.

Winter Accessories

Winter adds a fun opportunity to add winter accessories to your wardrobe. Try something seasonal like a faux fur stole, a stylish cloak, or a bridal cape. Fur ear muffs are also a cute and stylish way to keep warm without ruining your hair. Incorporating fun gloves is another practical way to keep your hands warm during your wedding ceremony. Offering blankets and scarves for both yourself and your guests to keep warm is a lovely gesture! All of these accessories will make you feel special and festive on your big day!

Warm Undergarments

If you tend to get colder during winter and plan to be outdoors for your ceremony or reception, you will want to wear thermal or warm undergarments to stay cozy. I know these don't seem all that elegant, but your comfort is number one and no one will even know what's underneath your gorgeous dress! Just be sure to trial your dress with the undergarments to make sure there aren't any awkward lines visible. Stick on hand and feet warmers can also be a great addition to your outdoor winter wedding if your feet and hands tend to get cold easily!

What to Wear for Your Winter Wedding: For the Groom

Dark Suits

While pastels and brighter colors are popular during the spring and summer season, darker suits or tuxedos are more suitable for winter weddings. Choose colors that match the seasonal mood and natural tones of nature.

Velvet or Wool Fabric

Again, you will want to choose heavier, warmer fabrics to stay warm and cozy on your day. Consider suits made of velvet or wool for added warmth and a touch of luxury.

Stylish Outerwear

A tailored overcoat or a stylish wool jacket can be both a practical and fashionable addition to your wedding day attire.


Don't forget to layer! Layer your outfit with a warm dress shirt and possibly a sweater or vest to add both style and warmth to your attire.

General Tips

Color Palette

Remember winter wedding colors are traditionally much darker than summer. Embrace winter colors like deep reds, greens, navy, or even metallics. These will look so beautiful against a backdrop of sparkling snow!


Embrace the winter wedding themes and incorporate textured fabrics like lace, velvet, or faux fur for a winter vibe.

Comfortable Footwear

If there's snow or ice, consider appropriate footwear for both style and safety. Make sure you choose something comfortable, cozy and cute to match the rest of your attire.

Hair and Makeup

Keep in mind the potential for wind, cold, and dry air; choose hairstyles and makeup that can withstand the weather. Honestly not having the humidity and rain of summer is a huge bonus!

Venue Considerations

If the reception is outdoors, plan for additional layers or accommodations like heated tents. Also know that winter weather is unpredictable-- be prepared for wind, cold and possible storms. You may want to consider having outdoor fire pits or an indoor fireplace for your venue to add an extra layer of cozy! Choosing specialty hot beverages like hot cocoa and hot toddy's will also be a crowd favorite!


What's your vision for your winter ceremony? Do you want to be inside or outside? Again you will want to be prepared for an outdoor ceremony with the appropriate attire.

Remember that personal style and the specific location of the wedding can influence your choices. It's essential to strike a balance between looking elegant and staying comfortable in the colder weather.

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