What To Include In Your Wedding Detail Photos

When planning a wedding, there are so many things to remember to include on your big day. It can be overwhelming and stressful trying to ensure everything is ready for the day you say "I do". Your wedding detail photos are the photographs your photographer takes of significant items to remember from your day. This is the first thing most photographers do when they arrive on wedding day. It is important to list the specific detail shots you would like your photographer to capture, so that when you reflect on your wedding day, you are able to see all the special moments that went into it. Things you may include in these detail photos are your rings, dress, shoes, vow books, etc. If you are wondering what to include in your wedding detail photos, we have you covered!

Today we are sharing some key elements to consider when outlining your wedding detail photos with your photographer for your wedding day.

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What To Include In Your Wedding Detail Photos

It will be important to give your photographer a list of the wedding detail photos you would like them to capture on the special day. These storytelling images share the beautiful love story of the day. Giving your photographer a detailed list of these items before the wedding will allow them to begin thinking about the creative ways they might like to shoot them. You can also share your own ideas too if there is something with particular significance and a background or location that would be perfect to shoot that item in. Be sure to gather your detail photo items prior to your photographer's arrival so they are ready to shoot when they arrive. The more efficient they can be shooting these items, the quicker they can get to taking gorgeous shots of you and all your loved ones getting ready!

Don't know what to include in your wedding detail photos? Read on for both traditional and unique ideas to get you started.


Be sure to have your rings out and ready to photograph when your photographer arrives. Gather any other items you want included with your rings like ring boxes, a ring pillow, or maybe something more rustic like a slice of wood carved out with engravements. You will want close-ups of the engagement ring and wedding bands captured both individually and together. Capture close-ups of the engagement ring and wedding bands, both individually and together. Experiment with different angles and lighting to highlight their beauty.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres

You will also want shots of your bouquets and boutonnieres. Have you photographer take shots of the bride's bouquet, as well as the bridesmaids' bouquets and the groomsmen's boutonnieres. Your photographer can hone in on details like the flowers, colors, and textures. They can get pictures against natural landscapes and backgrounds as well as pair them with other special details like the rings, shoes and invitation. Think about what pairings you like and work well and don't be afraid to share your thoughts and preferences.

Wedding Dress and Suit

Having the brides dress hung somewhere with beautiful lighting and ready for the photographers arrival will be so helpful to keep the timeline for the day moving along. Many brides like to purchase a pretty or meaningful hanger to hang their dress up. Have your photographer showcase the dresses unique features, such as lacework, beading, or embroidery. For the groom, the photographer should capture details of the suit, including the fabric, buttons, and accessories like cufflinks or tie clips.


In your detail shots list you will want to include shoes. The photographer will capture both the bride's and groom's shoes, honing in on any intricate designs or personalized touches. You may even consider having creative shots of the shoes together, symbolizing the union.

Jewelry and Accessories

Also be sure to list any jewelry and accessories that you would like photographed. Include the bride's jewelry, such as earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Don't forget to include other accessories like the veil, hairpieces, or the groom's tie or bowtie. If you are following traditions like "something old, new, borrow and blue" be sure to include these in your detail shots as well. Grandmother's blue earrings, a veil you borrowed from a friend are all special details you won't want to miss!

Invitation Suite

The Invitation Suite is all the paper goods sent along with a wedding invitation. You will want to make sure to set one of these aside to save for your photographer's use on wedding day. This is another special memory to seal the day with all the important details you will want to remember forever!

Table Settings

So much goes into the small details of a wedding. Capturing the small details of your table settings including the reception tables, showcasing the centerpieces, place cards, menus, and tableware are all beautiful ways to remember the feel and mood of the day. Ask your photographer to capture details like the flowers, candles, and any personalized decorations so you can remember them for a lifetime.


The wedding cake is such a special symbol of the unity of two and a moment to bring them together. Each cake is unique to a couples favorite flowers, colors, flavors and tastes. Ask your photographer to document the wedding cake, highlighting its design, tiers, and any decorative elements like flowers, ribbons, or cake toppers. Get close-ups of intricate details or textures to make it last!

Venue Decor

Each wedding has its own personality and this can be captured through venue decor details. A photograph can capture the venue's decorations, including floral arrangements, lighting fixtures, signage, or any unique architectural elements.

Favors and Special Touches

It is fun to see the favors and unique special touches that each couple adds to their day. Ask your photographer to capture any special touches you have incorporated, such as personalized favors, signature cocktails, or a guest book. These details help tell the story of the day. Every couple has their own inside jokes and things that are meaningful to them. You could incorporate fun postcards of the location of your venue, headlamps or stickers.

In the end, it is important to personalize your detail shots to represent who you are as a couple. Don't feel pressured to do all the detail shots if they don't feel authentic to you. This is your day after all! Get creative with the shots you request for your detail shots on your wedding day. Also make sure to talk with your photographer and get their ideas and suggestions. Remember this isn't their first rodeo! They have most likely been to many weddings before and they know what works and what doesn't. They may have some great suggestions for things to incorporate or their ideas may spark some new ones for you! Most importantly, have fun with it and keep a clear and open communication with your photographer to ensure things go off without a hitch!

Still don't know what to include in your wedding detail photos or looking for more wedding detail photo inspiration? Check out some ideas on Pinterest!

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