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How to Handle Rain on your Elopement Day

Spring is here! And we all know that saying about flowers coming after showers. But no matter the season, rain on your elopement day is something that everyone worries about. If it's looking like rain might fall on your elopement or wedding day, don't worry too much. It can actually add to the romantic and intimate atmosphere of your special day!

What to Do if it Looks Like Rain on Your Elopement or Wedding Day

Bring Rain Gear

Stick it out and pack some rain gear! Bring your raincoats and boots to help you stay dry and comfortable during your elopement. This will allow you to continue with your plans even if it is raining.

  • If it's looking like rain is unavoidable, I often bring along some clear umbrellas. They'll help to keep you dry and are a great prop for photos!
  • Having warm, dry feet will keep you comfortable no matter the weather. Check out these adorable "Wedding Wellies"! And don't forget extra socks, too!
  • Are guests joining you? Provide ponchos to keep everyone dry!

Find Some Shelter

Look for a sheltered area where you can exchange vows or have your ceremony. This could be a wooded forest where the tree canopy offers a break from the rain. Maybe there's a nearby covered porch or bridge to hide under. If you'd rather have your backup location be an indoor location, consider your AirBnB or any local public space that offers a bit of shelter.

Embrace the Rain

Instead of trying to avoid the rain, consider embracing it. Let your shoes, pants or dress get wet and dirty. Take photos with an umbrella or get cozy under a blanket. You'll get some super romantic and memorable shots. Not to mention, it makes the day that much more adventurous when you're faced with a challenge like this!

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

- Vivian Greene

Be Flexible

Your original plan most likely included an outdoor ceremony or some sort of outdoor activity. Focus on being flexible and consider alternatives. Your photographer or wedding planner will likely have many suggestions for alternate locations or poses that will work well in the rain.

Remember that the most important thing is that you're getting married to the person you love. Rain or shine, your elopement day will be special and memorable.

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