The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Elopement Photographer

Are you struggling in finding your elopement photographer? One of the most important wedding decisions you make will be to find the photographer that's right for you. It's important that you find someone who's photography style you love and also who's personality compliments yours! Not only will your photos be one of the only things you hold onto for years to come, but your photographer is the one vendor who will likely be with you for the whole day. So it better be someone you like!

I want you to find the elopement photographer that's right for you! Someone who will capture your day in way that's true to the story you are writing. That's why I'm bringing you the Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Elopement Photographer! Let's dive in and go over the steps to take in choosing your elopement photographer.

Define Your Style and Vision

The first step to find your elopement photographer is to figure out what style speaks to you. There are two pieces to this. One is the look and feel of the images themselves, which comes from the photographer's editing style.

Light + Airy: bright, light and soft images with lots of white and very little shadow or true black.
Dark + Moody: higher contrast, rich colors and a dramatic feel.
Timeless + Natural: very true to how you see it, slight adjustments to color and light, images will age well as trending styles change over time.

The other touches on the atmosphere/setting and environment for your elopement.

Natural: landscapes, greenery, mountains, outdoor adventure.
Urban: cityscapes, buildings, architecture.
Destination: international scenes, culture, diversification.

Going deeper on the topic of photo style, you may also come across photographers who describe their style as "editorial" or "documentary". The differences here are that editorial photographers will capture moments (and likely set-up moments) that are comparable to something you'd see on the cover of Vogue - additional lighting and lots of direction. Whereas the documentary style focuses on candid moments as the photographer blends into the background and captures things as they unfold.

It's all personal preference. But knowing the style and vision that you are attracted to will help you in the process of finding the elopement photographer that's right for you.

Make a List of Photographers Who's Images You Like

Now that you know the style you want, it's time to find the elopement photographer that will be the right fit for you and your day. I suggest making a list of 5-10 photographers who's work aligns with your vision and who you might like to work with.

How do you find a wedding photographer?

  • Do an internet search for photographers in your area.
  • Use Instagram to search for photographers (using hashtags like #vermontelopementphotographer or #adventureelopement in your search will be super helpful). Scroll their profile to get to know more about their style and personality.
  • Ask friends and family or other vendors for recommendations.

Research, Reviews and Reaching Out

Research the Photographers You've Found

Okay, you've got your list of photographers. It's time to do a deep dive and research the crap out of them. Google their business page and read reviews from past couples. Head over to their website and get to know a bit more about them. Pay attention to their storytelling ability, composition, and use of light. Take note of any specific elopement or adventure weddings they have captured, as these photographers will likely have the experience and skills to document your day in a similar style. Find their pricing page and see if they align with your budget. Check out their blog and read up on the resources they provide. Hang out on their Instagram page and get a better sense for their personality.

How to Fill Out an Inquiry Form

Once you've done your research and have confirmed that they would be the right fit for you, it's time to reach out! So head on over to their contact page on their website and fill out their inquiry form.

Most photographers are going to be psyched that your inquiry has landed in their inbox. They're excited to hear about you and what you might want your day to look like. Include as MUCH information as possible in your inquiry to start building a solid relationship with your photographer.

Fill out each field with full sentences and expand on ideas where you can. Share a bit about your love story and why you've decided to reach out. Ask any questions that you may have. Your photographer should respond within 24 hours. And their response should be personal - it should be clear that they fully read your inquiry. They will also likely ask you to schedule a consult call to chat about your elopement.

Schedule A Consult Call To Get To Know Each Other

Most photographers will ask you to schedule a consult call. This will likely either be over the phone or on a video call like Zoom or Google Meet. Don't worry, it's not an interview. It's just a chance for each side to conduct what I like to call a vibe check.

Ask the Right Questions

During your consultations, come prepared with a list of questions to ask prospective photographers.

  • Inquire about the process of working with them to get a sense for what that actually looks like.
  • Ask to see full galleries from past elopements to ensure consistency in their work.
  • Get them to describe their photography/editing style and make sure it aligns with your vision.
  • Ask about their hobbies, their background in photography, if this is their full-time job or not.

Consider Logistics and Location

If you're planning a destination elopement or an adventure wedding in a remote location, consider photographers who specialize in outdoor and adventure photography. They will have the skills and equipment necessary to navigate challenging terrain and capture epic landscapes. Discuss logistics such as travel arrangements, permits, and any additional costs associated with shooting in your chosen location. Don't be afraid to ask about their backup plans in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Listen to Your Gut When Finding Your Photographer

This one is important. Ultimately, trust your instincts when you're finding your elopement photographer. Choose someone whose work speaks to you on a deep level and who you feel comfortable entrusting with documenting one of the most important days of your life. Remember that your photographer will play a significant role in shaping your memories from this day. Be intentional when starting your search, and have FUN with it!

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