Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Plan an Elopement?

Planning an elopement is a little bit different than planning a traditional wedding. The first step that I have all my couples do is to DREAM BIG and brainstorm what your day could look like. Throw the rule book out the window and think about all the things that you love to do together. Next is to pick a season (or a date), a location (this can be super specific like your favorite mountain peak or as broad as a region within a country). And the final piece to pull it all together is to choose one or two of you favorite activities. Spend your day doing something fun that you love to do together! Or if you're feeling super adventurous, choose to do something you've both always wanted to do!

How Much Time do we Need for our Elopement?

I offer three different packages for elopement photography. They include 4hr, 8hr and 12hr of coverage. Most couples choose to have 8hr of coverage. This allows coverage of their whole day - from getting ready to going on an adventure, sharing your vows and moments of peace and quiet enjoying your day. Custom packages are also available.

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What does an Elopement Ceremony Look Like?

An elopement ceremony is usually a bit different than a traditional wedding, especially if it's just you and your partner. First of all, you need to check out the marriage laws for the location that you're getting married in. Some states require an officiant, while others allow your dog to sign your marriage license.


how to include your dog at your elopement

Can We Have Friends and Family Join Us? What About Our Dog?

Of course you can bring friends and family! An elopement doesn't have to be just the two of you. They are typically classified as weddings with under 15-20 guests. But keep in mind that your guest count may dictate where you can or cannot have your ceremony. Some venues (or outdoor locations and viewpoints) may not be able to accommodate a small gathering.

And as for your dog - I absolutely LOVE it when dogs join in on the elopement fun! I'm a huge animal lover and always encourage couples to include their pets in some way, shape or form. I will help you figure out the logistics so that we can make sure both you and your pup will have a stress-free experience!

What Happens if the Weather is Bad?

Weather *sigh* the one thing we can't really control. We've all heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck... but that doesn't mean we're going to welcome it with open arms.

In my opinion, there is no sense in worrying about what the weather looks like on your day. First of all, I always have a backup plan in place for you. Secondly, if bad weather is in the forecast, it usually comes and goes fairly quickly, and we're able to carry on - business as usual. And lastly, if it's really looking that bad, the beauty of elopements and small gatherings is that you can usually make a last minute change if needed. I never book anything the day before or after your day, so I am completely flexible if we need to make a quick change to the date.

Rainy weather can bring some extremely dramatic scenery, which will only add to the beauty of the day and will help to create long lasting memories. So my advice... if it comes to it... is to just get out there and dance in the rain!

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How Many Photos Do We Get?

I typically deliver 50 images per hour. Most galleries are delivered with anywhere between 400-600 images. I also give a combination of both color and black and white, which adds to the variety in your gallery.

What is Your Turn Around Time for Gallery Delivery?

I deliver a special sneak peek (15-20 images) within 36-48 hours of your big day. This way, you can continue to ride the high you're on right after your celebration and have some very wonderful memories to share with friends and family right away. You can expect your full gallery to be delivered in 6-8 weeks.

What is Included in Your Photo Collections?

My photography packages are all-inclusive. Each packages gives you:

  • A set number of hours of coverage
  • High-resolution images in an online gallery
  • Download and printing rights
  • Unlimited guidance and communication throughout the planning process
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Location scouting to find you the PERFECT spot for a first look, ceremony and portraits
  • Photographer travel + lodging
  • A new adventure buddy to call up anytime you're looking to have some fun!

Some packages also include credit towards an heirloom wedding album. These are super high quality, beautiful books that I design for you. They are great gifts and also just the best way to keep hold of all of your memories from this incredible day.

If you book me as your wedding photographer, you also get a discounted engagement or adventure session!

We're awkward in Front of the Camera. How Will You Make us Look Good?

Oh, you and me both, my friend! But let me tell you something... I haven't work with a couple who hasn't had this concern. Is my portfolio full of awkward-looking couples? Hell no! I take a very laid-back approach to documenting your day. My focus is on maintaining a fun and comfortable environment where you are fully engaged with each other, taking in the full experience of your elopement day. I've worked with so many different couples with so many different personalities. Trust me, I got you!

Do You Also Photograph Large Weddings?

Yes! While much of my work revolves around elopements and intimate weddings, I do still take on a small selection of larger, traditional weddings each year. These are events that have 100+ guests in attendance and follow the traditional order of getting ready, first look, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and dancing (or something similar).

If you're interested in combining the adventure elopement experience with a traditional celebration with friends and family - I'm definitely your gal! I'd love to help show you what that could look like! Celebrate your marriage in a way that gets you the best of both worlds!