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Acadia Elopement Activities

Acadia National Park is one of the most breathtaking places to elope in the northeastern United States. There are so many elopement activities to choose from that will make your elopement day in Acadia unique. One of Maine's most popular destinations for both locals and tourists -- Acadia cannot be beat. The combination of gorgeous stunning coastal landscapes, a diverse range of ecosystems (forests, mountains, lakes and marshes), abundant wildlife, outdoor recreation, and conservation efforts that keep the land in pristine conditions, make Acadia an elopement destination unlike any other.

If you are considering making Acadia your elopement destination this post is for you! We are sharing Acadia elopement activities to make your special day in Acadia one you will never forget!

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Acadia Elopement Activities


Make a hiking adventure part of your elopement day to truly soak up and explore Acadia's natural beauty. Say your I do's at one of the many scenic overlooks, coastal vistas or a more private secluded spot for photos and vows.

Beach Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and beverages and head to one of Acadia's picturesque beaches for a romantic picnic after your ceremony. Sand Beach (for saltwater swimming) and Echo Lake Beach (freshwater) are popular options to enjoy a beach picnic.

Wildlife Watching

Elopement couples with a love for animals will enjoy spending their day watching the diverse wildlife in Acadia National Park. With everything from deer, foxes, moose and bird species -- Acadia is home to all of your favorite critters. Looking to get out on the water? Head out on a Whale Watching Cruise!

Ride in a Seaplane

For an exhilarating elopement experience take a ride in a seaplane! Enjoy the beauty of Acadia with a birds-eye view. A truly memorable experience that will make your elopement all the more exciting!

Scenic Drive

With stunning scenery all around, Acadia has some magnificent scenic drives to enjoy on your elopement day. Park Loop Road is a popular drive to take in the stunning landscapes. Stop along the way for gorgeous photo opportunities and to enjoy scenic vistas and views.

Eat Lobster

You can't come to Maine without eating some fresh, rich and delicious lobster (or "lobstah" as the locals call it). Spend your elopement day taking a Lobster tour with Acadia Lobser Cruise or Sail Acadia's Lobster & Nature Tour. Enjoy eating lobster fresh from The Travelin' Lobster or Rose Eden Lobster.


Fishing in Acadia National Park is a great way to get outside and take in the beautiful lakes, ponds and oceans. Join a fishing expedition or make your own adventure at one of the lakes or ponds with fishing accessibility. Be sure to follow fishing guidelines and regulations in the park.


Enjoy the natural beauty of Acadia via kayak or paddleboard. Bring your own or rent from one of the local vendors. Choose from the many diverse lakes, ponds and ocean access points throughout the park. Check out Paddle Magazine's Best Places to Kayak and Paddleboard in Acadia.


Acadia is one of the premiere places in the northeastern United States for biking. Whether you enjoy mountain biking or more leisurely biking, Acadia has a range of trails and options for different levels. The carriage roads are great for leisurely rides in the park and provide access to lakes, forests and beautiful viewpoints. You can also bike along Park Loop Road but it is a narrow and winding road. You will need an entrance pass to access Park Loop Road via bike.

Carriage Rides

Step back in time and enjoy the ease and relaxation of a romantic carriage ride on your elopement day in Acadia National Park. Enjoy the click of the horses hooves as you travel along the carriage trail with ease, taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds of the park.


For those truly looking to soak up the true essence and nature of Acadia during their elopement, consider camping. Acadia has some excellent campsites and options for camping from more rustic and authentic to glamping with amenities and accommodations to make your camping experience easeful.

Acadia is an elopement destination you won't regret! With so many amazing elopement activities to choose from you can't go wrong in Acadia. Remember to obtain any necessary permits for your elopement ceremony in Acadia National Park and to respect the park's rules and regulations to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your partner.

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