kate seymour taking elopement photos in moab utah.

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I’m an outdoor lover specializing in adventure elopements and intimate weddings. I help you dream BIG when it comes to celebrating your love, and together we’ll craft a day that has YOU written all over it! I work with couples who love the outdoors just as much as I do, who are excited to build a little adventure into their day.

Perhaps that means hiking to a mountain vista, strolling along a beautiful coastline, backcountry skiing to a remote cabin in the woods, or maybe it means exploring someplace you two have never been before. I believe we build connection through experience (especially in the outdoors), and can't wait to discover what the best wedding experience for the two of you might be!

kate seymour

a bit about me





I lived in Wyoming and colorado for 13 years.

I love a good latte and have UNSUCCESSFULLY been trying to do latte art for 6 years.

I have two dogs named Cash + Davy. They go everywhere with me.

I grew up on the ocean but prefer mountain life.

*and I'll always be a cowgirl at heart

Kate Seymour elopement photographer, Lake Willoughby elopement in vermont

wondering how to plan your elopement?

Are you finding yourself lost after having made this exciting decision?

Are you having fun brainstorming and making plans but don't know how to put it all together?

The planning process is absolutely the biggest part of this journey and it's all geared around the location and season you choose to elope, as well as what type of activities you want to include.

Lucky for you, I've pulled together a resource with the simple steps in turning your dream elopement into a reality.

Oooh yes, I need that!

looking for someone to plan your day + document the little details

no rules.

no expectations.


half-day & multi-day celebrations.

nothing but love and adventure.

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