4 Steps to Planning an Elopement

There are 4 steps to planning an elopement that will make your day just as special as you always imagined it would be. Most people choose to elope because it simplifies their big day in so many ways. Although elopements require much less planning than a traditional wedding, there are still things to consider to make sure your day goes smoothly. Planning an elopement is fun! Dreaming up your big day, choosing a season, location and activity are all some of the logistics you and your partner can decide on together. There are steps to planning an elopement that can help to make sure your day goes smoothly. One of the benefits of eloping is that you have more options for what you can do and when you can do it, without 200 other guests holding you back. Seize the day and make the most of your elopement!

Today we are sharing 4 steps to planning an elopement to ensure yours is just as special as you always dreamed it would be.

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4 Steps to Planning an Elopement

Dream Up Your Favorite Day Together

Here is the fun part! Dream big! When you start to brainstorm your day, take the time to explore all of the possibilities of what your day could look like with your partner. This is a fun way to brainstorm all the options without being hindered by details or logistics. The sky is the limit! If you didn't have any restrictions-- what would you do? Where would you go? When would you do it?

Have fun with it and make it a date night. List all of the things you love to do together and even those you haven't done together yet, but could only dream of doing. Not only is this a fun activity to do as a couple, it will also help you learn more about each others hopes and dreams, what you have in common and what is most important to you both.

Choose a Season

Perhaps there is a time of year that really speaks to the two of you. Are you skiers? Do you love exploring rivers in the summer? Maybe a crisp fall hike is more your style? Consider what activities you enjoy doing together the most and the season that represents you as a couple. Make sure whatever you choose feels authentic to you. Don't choose a season solely because you thinks it's the most popular or picturesque. Make your elopement represent who you are together. This will make your day so much more meaningful and special.

Choose a Location

Picture standing with your partner on your wedding day. Where are you? What type of scenery is surrounding you? Are you at the peak of a mountain overlooking gorgeous fall hues? Is it snowy? Sunny? Maybe you're in a beautiful meadow, full of wildflowers with a romantic picnic waiting for you to celebrate! No matter what your vision is, you can make it happen! This is a special day that only comes once in a lifetime. Make it everything you want it to be and more! Choose a location that is already special to your partner and you or if you're feeling adventurous, maybe choose something totally new! Do some research and find the perfect spot to match your vision.

Pick An Activity (or multiple!)

One of the best things about eloping is the opportunity for adventure! An elopement day isn't complete without a bit of adventure. What are the things you and your partner want to do on your day? You could hike, bike, ski, go on a sleigh ride, or enjoy a boat ride. The options are endless! Consider what you and your partner love doing together the most. How can you make this part of your elopement? Once you have picked your activity consider any precautions, preparation, permits, etc. you may need to take into account before your day. Make sure to do the research and be prepared! An elopement photographer can be a helpful guide in what you may need to do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Remember that the beauty of eloping lies in its simplicity and intimacy, so tailor your plans to what feels most authentic and special to you as a couple. Be sure to check local regulations and requirements for marriage licenses and permits, and don't forget to notify close family and friends if you choose to include them in your elopement.

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